Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Updates

Redo of the Census page, the Court Records page and the Death Records pages done...sorta. Did the main appearance, redid the links so the data is viewable, but still need to redo the tables to match the new colors and check the links to outside sources. Also, ignored photograph pages within these, for now.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Update on the Reformatting Process

Updated this weekend:

Finished updating and relisting the Biographies and Biographical Notes section. There are currently 31 entries.

The Bible section was completed last weekend.

All the main sections have been reformatted with the new css and ssi, though the next layer of links do not all work at this time.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Plodding Along

After a VERY long break, I'm back at the computer to work on updating the website and adding material.

Accidentally deleted the css file last weekend, which really was probably a good thing since it forced me to completely update things and hopefully the site will be easier to maintain now. Still have plenty of pages to convert, but with the template set, it should go faster! Now if only I could figure out how to make the server side includes pull from a different folder!'ll work out in the end.

Once the update is moved along to my satisfaction, I'm going to start work on the military section. Can't wait!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year - New Website

So, in an attempt to stay current and "in style" I've decided to update the McKemie One Name Study website with CSS and SSI. I'm a terminal "newbie" and have to relearn everything every time I do anything on the website, so this will take a while! The goal is to make the site easier to navigate and maintain. Hopefully, eventually, I'll have the family groups set up with links to the documents and records on the site. Sort of like, but just for McKs :)

Meanwhile, I've finally decided to formalize the source organization for the study, too. For years, Access has worked just fine. However, Access lacked the ability to link documents to individuals (at least my knowledge of Access prevented doing such). And the genealogy program Family Treemaker is not detailed enough with regard to source management. So a little exploration led me to Clooz, described by the manufacturers as an "electronic filing system". The website: has oodles of info. So far, I'm impressed, if a bit daunted by the enormity of this newest project. But we all need something to fill the time, right?

Friday, September 15, 2006

300th Anniversary of the First Presbytery Celebration

A celebration is scheduled for October 1, 2006 and is being coordinated by the Presbytery of Philadelphia and the Presbyterian Historical Society. The main event is to be held at the Old Pine Street Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia at 4 pm. This church is either the oldest in the area, or one of the oldest. I was told by Rev. Ed Gehres, who is on the board and helped organize this event) that this church has been around since Revolutionary War times and has served as everything from a stable for the horses to a hospital for the soldiers.

They are also having an open house and tours of the Historical Society starting at 1:30pm. At 2pm a reception for the current moderator will begin. All of these events are open to the public.

Also a skilled impersonater of Francis Makemie will be present to bring greetings to those in the church at the service.

I am quite disappointed to only learn of this event now, as I would have liked to attend in honor of my ancestors, but now I am not going to be able to. Hopefully someone from the McK family will be able to attend.

McKemie Hotel, Sulphur, Murray County, Oklahoma

I've known about the hotel for a while having found an entry for it on a directory some time ago. However, I've set up on E-Bay a reminder service, so to speak, that sends me e-mails whenever anything is posted that I might be interested in. Well, a few weeks ago, a 1909 postcard with a picture of the McKemie Hotel was posted. I snatched it up and have put it online at the McKemie site. However, I know nothing about the hotel, the proprietors, it's demise, etc., etc., and I certainly would like to know. I've contacted a gentleman in Sulphur in the hopes that he can help, but thus far he's coming up empty. I need to post a message to the Murray County list at Rootsweb and dig into this a little more.

Big Batch of Info

I am quite excited to have received a big ol' box of descendancy charts and info from Ms. Barbara Pink. Between dog shows and meeting Irishmen, I've not had a chance to sit down and really delve into it, though Barbara has raised several questions/challenges that I am anxious to get to work on. Hopefully, this will be the weekend!

Monreagh Manse, Donegal

Apparently the plans for the new Heritage Center in Donegal are well on their way. The latest that I've heard is that they are planning to start building in October.

This manse is an old residence of the minister and can be seen on the McKemie Website. The image is of a downtrodden old building, but I know the end result will be beautiful. They have a strong foundation to build upon.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Assorted McK "Mini-Projects"

Okay, so this year marks the 300th anniversary of the first Presbytery in this country. Of course, I can't say in the USA, since the USA didn't exist in 1707. But our ancestors were here and doing their thing. Francis Makemie was instrumental in the first Presbytery and served as the first moderator. The Presbyterian Histoical Society is probably arranging some sort of celebration, but I'm having trouble finding out what. So this is one of my current "mini-projects".

Another mini-project has produced some results, as I have found the Makemie Desk and pictures of it in its current home, the rare books room at the library at the Union Presbeterian School for Christian Education in Richmond, Virginia. Apparently anyone can go in to see it, with a reservation. I'll soon have a page up at the web site with the current images, a picture taken in 1903 and the details about the desk and how it was lost and then found again.

On another note, I'm going to be making a trip into South Carolina for a dog show and am going to go searching for the Pearson memorial while I'm there. The dog show is in Anderson, only a county or two away, so I'm very hopeful of finding the Pearson area. I'm particulry interested since General John Pearson is the reason my dad is named Robert Pierson.

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their own genealogy adventures!